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Now is the time to help your child develop healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime. At Dental One Associates of Maryland, we can’t wait to help your little one learn about their teeth and feel confident about their smiles. We work hard to create a friendly, warm environment that makes your child feel safe and excited to visit our office. Feel free to give us a call today; we’re always happy to answer your questions about what to expect when visiting children’s dentists.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Involve?

Children’s pediatric dentistry specializes in the care of children of all ages, from birth to adolescence. To gain this specialized knowledge, pediatric dentists first train as dentists, then complete an additional two to three years of pediatric training. During this rigorous program, kid’s dentists practice in a hospital setting, learning how to treat patients with complex problems and address emergencies that involve a pediatric oral surgeon. Because your child’s health deserves a team-oriented approach, our pediatric dental specialists confer often with your child’s pediatrician. At our children’s pediatric dentistry practice, our goal is to provide the highest level of care so that your child enjoys good health, physically and orally.

Why Should Children See a Pediatric Dentist?

Getting an early start to your child’s oral care regimen is important. Even once you’ve begun regular visits to a dentist, your child’s dental needs change over time. At the toddler stage, for instance, thumb-sucking or pacifier use may present some dental challenges. A toddler dentist can help guide you through these stages while providing professional dental cleaning for kids that help protect baby teeth from decay. As kids approach adolescence, your children’s dentist may watch for issues such as spacing and provide guidance on how to avoid sports injuries to the mouth. Teens often benefit from the advice and care of a pediatric dentist who can approach important subjects affecting your teen’s oral health, such as sugary diets and tobacco use. At every stage of your child’s development, a pediatric dentist is uniquely experienced in caring for your child’s teeth and gums and providing you and your child with the tools needed to develop a healthy oral care regimen. If you have questions about your child’s specific needs or the cost of a pediatric dental visit, call one of our 11 offices today.

When Should I First Take My Child to the Dentist?

A child should first visit the dentist by the time he or she is one year old. While some children may feel a little afraid of the dentist at first, we have several ways to help put kids at ease. You can help make a trip to the dentist a happy occurrence by preparing your child for the visit and speaking positively about the appointment. Some parents also find that they can help make this an enjoyable visit by rewarding their children with a small, non-sugary treat after the exam.

Your child’s baby teeth are just as important as permanent teeth, and unfortunately, they are just as vulnerable to decay and disease. As soon as your baby cuts their first teeth, plaque and bacteria can start to build up. A pediatric dental cleaning carefully removes that decay-causing bacteria, so it’s important to bring your child in for a dental visit during your baby’s first year.

What Happens During Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is about more than just cleaning teeth for kids. It’s your little one’s introduction to a lifetime of healthy dental care habits, and it’s our opportunity to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your child’s unique needs. During your visit, x-rays may be taken of your child’s mouth so that our dentist can fully examine your child’s dental structure. Your child’s teeth will also be thoroughly cleaned, and our dentist will make a pediatric periodontics assessment. If your child is feeling a little frightened, we may spend some time explaining our equipment and building a rapport with your child to make this and future visits more comfortable.

A kid’s first pediatric dentist visit is also a great time for you to ask questions about your child’s habits,
health and development. Whether you’re worried about thumb-sucking or teething, we’re here to give you the information you need to help support your child’s healthy smile.

Where Can You Find a Dentist for a Special Needs Child?

Our pediatric dental specialists are specially trained in many of the techniques that help to keep special needs kids at ease while receiving treatment. If you need a pediatric dentist for special needs, call us to talk with our experienced staff members about our individualized programs.

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