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Orthodontic dentistry is a specialty that addresses problems with the jaws and teeth.

Dentists who provide orthodontic services are called orthodontists and are qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat such abnormalities. It’s very common for them to recommend special treatment for kids and teens whose smiles have gaps, crowding or other misalignment issues. However, it’s possible for adults to need orthodontic treatment too. Make an appointment with our orthodontist to see if you need braces in Baltimore.

Why Do Patients Need Orthodontic Services?

People who have crossbites, overbites, open bites or underbites could suffer from earaches, headaches and other discomfort when they don’t get treatment. They might have trouble speaking, chewing and biting as well. These problems can even cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that addresses all of these issues, including gum disease and cavity prevention. When your teeth are aligned properly it is easier to clean between them, limiting your chances of getting cavities. Along with improving your oral health, these orthodontic devices give you a beautiful smile.

What Are the Treatment Types?

Science and technology have made way for modern dentistry to offer better types of braces. For example, some of the options are so easy on the eyes that others barely notice when you’re wearing them. There are different options for adults and kids whose permanent teeth have emerged.

Before you’re fitted with the devices, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the best solution for you. You’ll be able to choose among invisible, clear and ceramic varieties. Ask for a recommendation from our orthodontist in Baltimore if you need help making a decision.

Orthodontic Services for Children

When your child has discomfort while chewing or trouble talking, you should call of of our 11 offices to see if orthodontic treatment can help. It’s very common for children to need braces to maintain good oral health into young adulthood. Wearing them shouldn’t make your kid feel like he or she is being punished, so we’ll explain everything in terms that he or she can understand.

Choosing orthodontic devices that are less obvious may be helpful for some kids. Traditional metal, for instance, lets them express their artistic side and is the least expensive. However, it’s also the most prominent. Getting ceramic brackets is less conspicuous than metal, but they’re more difficult to keep clean.

Another option that’s less eye-catching is the self-ligating variety. They also produce results faster and are more comfortable than other options. In addition, lingual orthodontics can’t be seen from the outside because they’re placed on the back of the teeth. Unfortunately, they aren’t ideal for severe problems.

Orthodontic Services for Adults

Children and teenagers aren’t the only people who need orthodontic devices. Adults may need them to fix jaw or teeth issues too. They might also seek treatment to improve their appearance. Fortunately, they can get adult braces in all of the above varieties. Removable aligners are an option as well. These appliances don’t require any extra oral hygiene and allow you to eat what you want with almost no visibility.

With all of these styles and materials available, there’s an orthodontics treatment that will address your needs and be within your budget. Talk to us about these options, and find out if your dental insurance or discount plan will cover at least some of the cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Without a consultation, it’s hard to put a price on orthodontic services because several factors are considered. Two of the major factors are the severity of the problem and the chosen treatment. Newer types of braces, for example, consist of refined materials that raise the overall cost. Another factor that affects the braces cost is dental insurance or discount plan coverage. Such policies only cover specific styles and materials most of the time.

Another aspect to consider is the additional visits to the orthodontist for follow-ups and adjustments. The tension of the wires and other parts of the orthodontic appliances have to be adjusted so that they keep moving teeth into the right position. With all of these factors, the cost may seem high. However, orthodontic treatment prevents more expensive issues from developing. Our office even offers financing for those who qualify. Let us know when you’re ready to discuss getting braces in Baltimore.

Where Can You Go for Orthodontic Treatment?

If you or your child has dental discomfort, problems eating or other symptoms, speak to a dentist about orthodontic treatment. Don’t hesitate to ask, “Where can I find an orthodontist near me?”

Alongside our friendly dental staff, our orthodontist in Baltimore will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Our mission is to assist your treatment decisions so that you can achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. Our team is also great at helping kids and teens. Schedule your consultation for braces today.

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