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You don’t have to live with a smile that has yellowed so much that you find yourself covering your mouth every time you smile or laugh. A teeth bleaching dentist can help restore your smile to its former glory with a quick, effective procedure known as professional dental whitening. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in North America, thanks to its simplicity, ease and effectiveness. If you want a brighter, whiter smile, keep reading to find out more about this fast procedure and call our office to find out whether professional teeth whitening can give you back your shining smile.

Why Should You Choose Professional Dental Whitening?

In-office teeth whitening is performed under closely supervised conditions, ensuring that your treatment is safe and that you remain pain-free during the procedure. Also known as power bleaching or chairside whitening, in-office teeth whitening uses a highly concentrated bleaching gel. This concentration is much stronger than do-it-yourself whitening kits, giving you immediate and noticeable results.

Whitening treatments work best on natural teeth discolored by foods, liquids and tobacco use, but they’re not suitable for all tooth discoloration. Teeth that are discolored by deep structural issues such as dental injuries or decay do not respond well to whitening treatments. Similarly, teeth that are stained from taking certain medications such as tetracycline are not usually lightened by whitening products. Restored teeth, like fillings, veneers and crowns, are practically impervious to teeth whitening treatment, so they’ll likely be the same color post-treatment as they were before the treatment.

Our teeth bleaching dentist examines your teeth thoroughly before treatment, identifying the root cause of your tooth discoloration. This assessment allows us to find the treatment that best suits your needs and provides consistent results. After your exam, we’ll outline your various whitening options so we can work together to find the treatment that will restore your smile to its earlier brightness.

How Can You Effectively Whiten Teeth at Home?

If in-office teeth whitening isn’t convenient for you, we provide our patients with the option of a custom-made kit for teeth whitening at home. The kit is made by your dentist specifically to fit your teeth and your whitening goals. Each kit contains whitening trays made from impressions of your teeth, and it includes professional-grade teeth whitening gel. This gel is more highly concentrated than the gel in over-the-counter kits. To achieve the best benefit from the kit, you’ll wear the gel-filled trays for about an hour a day for a two-week period. Most people find that they can lighten their teeth by as many as six shades by the end of the two weeks.

What’s the Usual Price for Teeth Whitening?

Every patient’s dental whitening needs are unique, and several factors are considered when determining your actual teeth bleaching cost. Some of the issues that affect your price include the kind of whitening system you choose, how many treatments you need and whether your dentist will need to blend the color of your veneers, crowns or fillings after your whitening treatment. If you need follow-up treatment kits for home use, that follow-up care will also be included in your overall cost. Since your actual costs depend on your own unique needs, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate after we’ve met with you and evaluated your condition. You can find out more about the cost of teeth whitening by booking a consultation with one of our dentists.

Why Choose Professional Over DIY Teeth Whitening Products?

Professional dental whitening is much more powerful than over-the-counter products, and its effects are much more immediate. While DIY teeth whitening systems are convenient and inexpensive, they lack the power and reliability of professional options. If you inadvertently use these DIY products incorrectly, you can wind up with unevenly lightened teeth and irritated gums. Your results are more dramatic and immediate with professional whitening procedures, and our professional supervision ensures that you enjoy consistent and safe results.

What’s Involved in a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The type of teeth whitening system you choose determines the steps involved in your procedure. The following outlines a typical in-office whitening procedure:

  1. Your dentist examines and cleans your teeth.
  2. Photos are taken to monitor improvement.
  3. A protective fluid is placed on gums to keep them safe from the bleaching gel.
  4. Your teeth are exposed using a cheek retractor.
  5. Multiple layers of bleaching gel are applied to your teeth, one layer at a time. Each layer sits on your teeth for a set period of time and is then removed so another layer can be applied.
  6. At the end of the procedure, your dentist evaluates your whitening progress, then recommends any necessary follow-up or at-home treatments.

A whiter, more attractive smile is possible with teeth whitening in Westminster. Call our office today to discover your brighter smile.

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