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Where Can I Get a Dental Exam in Waldorf?

Regular dental exams help you maintain good oral health, which is essential for your overall health. Some of our new patients have not had a dental exam for a long time; there are many reasons for this. Patients tell us they are afraid of what our dentist will find, they don’t have the time or they didn’t have any pain, so they didn’t feel like they needed a dental exam. We understand and will do our best to make new patients comfortable. When you have an exam every six months, your dentist can discover small, easy to treat problems. If you wait until you are in pain to make an appointment, you’re likely to have a major dental problem. During an exam, our dentist will:

  • Order diagnostic x-rays to look for decay between your teeth
  • Inspect each tooth for chips or small fractures
  • Verify that existing restorations are still in good shape
  • Look at your gum health
  • Check your bite
  • Perform a simple screening for oral cancer

If you need a new dentist, call us for a routine dental exam. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health, let you know if he or she found any problems and set a schedule for future exams. Your dentist will leave time at the end of your exam for you to ask questions, especially if you need dental work. You’ll learn about the proposed treatment and your anticipated costs. We can help you get back on track and protect your oral health. Call us today to make an appointment.

Where Can I Get My Teeth Cleaned for a Gum Disease Treatment?

If you have gingivitis, your gums will be bright red and they will bleed easily. A dental cleaning and following your dentist’s at-home oral care instructions will usually reverse gingivitis. A professional teeth cleaning removes the plaque and tartar that a toothbrush doesn’t always reach. Our dental hygienist will also polish your teeth with a special toothpaste to remove minor stains and leave your teeth smooth. We recommend you have a dental cleaning every six months to help prevent decay and gum disease, both of which are caused by the bacteria in plaque. Besides helping preserve your oral health, a dental cleaning leaves your teeth bright and your breath fresh.

Stopping gingivitis in its tracks is important because it may turn into periodontal disease. With periodontal disease, your gums can recede and your teeth will become loose if you don’t get periodontal treatment to halt the progress. While we offer treatments for periodontal disease, we urge you to call us if you to call us the moment you spot signs of gingivitis. If it progresses to periodontal disease, the treatment is more invasive, takes longer and is more expensive.

Can a Dentist Eliminate My Bad Breath?

Temporary bad breath, such as how your breath smells after eating garlic, may linger until your body eliminates the food. This type of bad breath is temporary and easily treated by brushing your teeth and using breath mints. If you have chronic bad breath not related to your diet, our dentist can determine the cause so he or she can help you eliminate embarrassing bad breath. Often, odors are caused by food particles getting trapped in your mouth. Brushing, cleaning your tongue and flossing properly can eliminate bad breath. Some medications may cause dry mouth, which causes bad breath because there isn’t enough saliva to wash away food particles. Your dentist may suggest chewing sugarless gum to stimulate saliva production. Decay and gum disease also can contribute to bad breath; your dentist will check for these conditions as well. Smoking contributes to bad breath, as well as increasing your risk for other dental diseases. Call our office to make an appointment with our dentist if your breath could smell better.

Are Oral Cancer Screenings Really Necessary?

Early discovery of oral cancer is critical for survival, which is why our adult patients receive an oral cancer screening as part of their dental check-up. Many people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, with an unfortunately high percentage diagnosed in stage three or stage four. In stage one, the five-year oral cancer survival rate is still high, but by stage four, the 5-year survival rate drops. The screening only takes two or three minutes and it is painless. Our dentists screen all adult patients; smokers are not the only people who get oral cancer, although, they do have a higher risk for the disease. If you smoke, your dentist will suggest you quit.

If you would like a comprehensive dental exam in Waldorf that includes a mouth cancer screening, please call our office so we can schedule your exam.

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