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Are you avoiding a visit to the dentist because you’re afraid of getting a tooth pulled? One of our dentists may be able to preserve your tooth, but if it’s not possible, an extraction is nothing to worry about. An extraction isn’t painful; you might feel a little pressure, but that’s all. The procedure usually takes less than five minutes. Don’t avoid dental care. If you seek help right away, you increase your chances of keeping your tooth.

What Does a Dental Tooth Extraction Cost?

If you have a non-surgical extraction, your cost depends on the tooth’s condition and its location. Your dentist needs to examine your tooth before telling you your extraction cost. If you have dental insurance, many plans cover at least a portion of the cost of a tooth extraction. Please call our office and schedule an appointment to learn more about our affordable extraction fees.

What Is Surgical Tooth Removal?

When an oral surgeon removes a tooth, he or she gives you an anesthetic to ensure you won’t feel any pain. The oral surgeon makes a small incision in your gum and removes the tooth. You may need to bring someone to drive you home afterward, depending on the anesthesia you receive.

When Is a Tooth Extraction the Only Option Dentists Can Offer?

Dentists often have to pull severely decayed and badly broken teeth if there is no way to preserve them. Listed below, you will find other situations where an extraction is the best treatment.

Can I Have My Broken or Cracked Tooth Pulled?

Patients rarely ask for an extraction unless they are in pain. If the break or crack has reached the pulp, you will feel pain, which is often severe. Call our office to have one of our dentists see if he or she can preserve your tooth. If it’s not possible to save your tooth, our dentist will extract it and discuss tooth replacement options with you.

Why Would a Child Need a Tooth Extraction for a Baby Tooth?

Baby teeth hold a place for the adult tooth and help your child learn to speak clearly. However, there are times when your dentist may suggest an extraction. Your dentist may suggest pulling badly decayed baby teeth which are causing your child pain or baby teeth that refuse to fall out and make way for the adult tooth. If your child needs an extraction, call us to make an appointment. Our dentists are very good at making the procedure stress-free for young patients.

If Advanced Gum Disease Is Making My Teeth Loose, Will a Dentist Pull Them?

Advanced gum disease loosens teeth by eating away at their support structure. While there are treatments that might save your loose tooth, it may be more practical to have a dentist extract the tooth and eventually replace it with an implant. Phone our office if you have periodontal disease and a loose tooth is causing you pain.

How Will I Know If I Will Need My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

Some people never get their third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, so their extraction isn’t an issue. If your wisdom teeth can’t erupt from your gum because of their position, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon. Your dentist will suggest extractions if your wisdom teeth are pushing against other teeth or very difficult to clean. Please call our office if your wisdom teeth are bothering you. They are not necessary to chew properly so you can have wisdom teeth extractions with no negative effects.

How Can Extractions Relieve Overcrowding?

You would need braces if your teeth are crooked because of overcrowding. Extracting several teeth gives your teeth room to align properly so the braces can do their job. Once the braces come off, your teeth will be much easier to keep clean. Contact our office if you need extractions before getting braces or to fix overcrowding. We will schedule a convenient appointment for you.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions for Having a Tooth Pulled?

Keep gauze on the extraction site until the bleeding stops; this should take two to three hours. Follow your dentist’s instructions carefully to avoid disturbing the blood clot that will form after the bleeding stops. Avoid the urge to rinse for 24 hours, after that you can do so gently. You’ll also receive instructions for managing any swelling or discomfort, which are usually minimal with dental extractions.

How Quickly Do Tooth Extractions Heal?

Your tooth extraction healing will take about one week if a dentist performs the extraction and two or three weeks if you have oral surgery. Avoiding any strenuous activity and getting plenty of rest for 24 to 48 hours after the extraction helps your body heal faster.

If you’re looking for a stress-free tooth extraction in Oxon Hill, call us at (240) 766-8568 to schedule an appointment.

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