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Healthy gums are an integral part of your overall oral and physical health. According to the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, as many as half of Americans who are more than 30 years old have recurring gum disease.

In its early stages, recurring gum disease is known as gingivitis, and presents as red and swollen gums that may bleed when you floss or brush. Although gingivitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, it is completely preventable by exercising good oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing after eating.

When gingivitis is left to ravage your gums, they will recede from your teeth, causing your teeth become loose and fall out. In this case, you will lose bone density as well as the ligaments that hold your teeth in place. All of this is preventable, so don’t delay seeking periodontal treatment if you begin having gum issues.

A gum disease specialist in our Columbia office can help you retain your natural teeth and your beautiful smile. If you need periodontics in Columbia, call us today and let us help you. We’ll answer all your questions and schedule your initial consultation with a qualified periodontist.

Is a Periodontist Different than a General Dentist?

The word periodontist is derived from the Greek words “perio” meaning around and “dontic” meaning tooth. A periodontal dentist is a dentist who has completed general dentistry schooling and then an additional two years of specialized training in gum disease management, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. If you want lip contouring or lip repositioning, we can help you. If you have gum disease, we can help get your mouth back on track. If you need periodontal services in Columbia, call us. We provide the following procedures to our patients:

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The sticky substance that remains on your teeth after eating or drinking is called plaque and it’s rife with bacteria and germs. If left on the teeth, it can contribute to the onset of tooth decay and gum disease. Not only does it attack the enamel on your teeth, it can also attack your jawbone and the ligaments that hold your teeth in place. This can cause your teeth to loosen and fall out.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures for those who have missing teeth. A metal implant is surgically installed into the jawbone, and then the bridge, denture, or crown is affixed to it. It’s a permanent installation and it helps preserve the structural integrity of your jaw as well the proper alignment of your teeth. If you don’t replace teeth that are missing, you may begin to experience the wrinkling that occurs around your mouth when teeth are gone. If you need dental implants, call our Columbia office and let us schedule a consultation for you with a gum disease specialist from our periodontics office.

Crown Lengthening

Some procedures, such as placing braces or dental crowns, may need more crown available than a person has showing. The crown is the visible part of the tooth and on some people, it can be very short, making it difficult to attach dental devices. A periodontist from our Columbia office can remove some of the excess gum tissue from the tooth, thus facilitating the installation of the crown, denture or braces, or improving the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. If you want a more even gum line or a toothy smile, call our office today and we can help you.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Some patients have an excess of gum tissue around their teeth and want more of their teeth to show. Gum contouring can even out the gum line so that more tooth crown is exposed and the patient has a more attractive smile. If you think you need gum contouring, call our office and we’ll schedule an appointment with a gum disease expert in our office.

Soft Tissue Graft / Gum Graft

Gum grafting can replace missing gum tissue that’s due to receding gums or another issue. A graft can cover the tooth root and reduce the possibility of additional decay or bone loss.

Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Diagnosis

The upswing in the incidence of HPV, or human papillomavirus, has now placed it as the leading cause of oral cancer; smoking no longer holds that title. If you have HPV or you think you might have oral cancer, call us today and we’ll schedule an appointment with a periodontist in Columbia. We know that this can be an unnerving task, but don’t put off your screening We can submit tissue samples to the lab and then help you with a treatment protocol if necessary.

How Soon Can I Make an Appointment with a Periodontist in Columbia?

We do our best to schedule our patients as soon as possible. If you have an emergency situation, be sure to let us know when you call. The health of your gums is integral to your overall physical health, and of course your oral health. Healthy gums will provide the perfect frame for your beautiful smile. Call Dental One Associates of Columbia at (410) 346-2350 and let a gum disease expert help you ensure the perfect gums.

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