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If your teeth have trauma or decay please call our office to schedule an appointment. Our dentists excel at restoring teeth and replacing missing teeth. We will restore your dental health and end any pain or sensitivity you are feeling from a cavity.

What Do Patients Need Dental Fillings?

If you have dental decay, seek treatment as soon as possible. Your dentist will drill out the decay and use a tooth filling to repair the damage. If you don’t have regular dental exams, your dentist cannot catch cavities when they are small. This could mean your tooth will need more extensive repair or eventually a tooth extraction if you delay for too long.

Are Dental Bridges and Crowns for Teeth Restoration Devices?

A tooth bridge replaces one or more adjacent missing teeth. Conventional bridges consist of artificial teeth with a crown on each end to go on the teeth which will anchor the bridge. A crown is a hollow artificial tooth which fits over an existing tooth. Dentists suggest crowns to improve a tooth’s appearance, anchor a bridge and to add strength to a weakened tooth.

Who Should I Call for a Filling, Crown, or a Bridge?

General and family dentists routinely perform restorations. If you need a filling, crown, or you would like to talk to a dentist about replacing a missing tooth, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What’s the Average Crown, Bridge, or Tooth Filling Cost?

Crowns and bridges are custom-made restorations, their cost will vary. We calculate your dental crown cost on the material used and the amount of preparation your dentist needs to do. We calculate your dental bridge cost using the same factors, plus the number of artificial teeth in the bridge. Your cost for a filling depends on your tooth’s condition and the filling material you select. Your dental insurance coverage will affect your final price. Please contact us for an appointment and one of our dentists can explain your expected cost after an examination and a discussion about your options.

Which Are the Most Common Tooth Filling Materials?

Composite resin is the most popular filling material because tooth-colored composite fillings are virtually invisible. Amalgam, or metal, fillings are still popular because they are economical and long-lasting. You can also choose gold or porcelain fillings. Your dentist will help you decide on the best tooth filling material in your case.

Are There a Variety of Crowns Available?

All porcelain dental caps more closely resemble natural teeth than any other crown material. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns look nearly as good and they are strong, but they are not suitable for patients with metal sensitivities. Gold alloy crowns are the strongest crown you can get, although most of our patients will only get them for teeth in the very back of the mouth. Children who need a crown for a baby tooth often get a stainless steel crown on the tooth until it falls out naturally.

Are There a Variety of Bridges Available?

The most common type of bridge is the fixed conventional bridge which uses the two teeth on each side of the gap to support the bridge. There are crowns on either end of the bridge which will go over the support teeth. If you don’t have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, your dentist can use a cantilever bridge, which only needs support from one tooth. Your dentist can only use cantilever bridges on front teeth. Otherwise, you can ask about an implant-supported bridge. Call our office to book a consultation if you want to learn how our dentists can replace your missing teeth and give you back your smile.

What’s the Tooth Crown Procedure?

You can have a tooth crown cover a broken, weak or unsightly tooth in only two visits. After making a mold of your teeth so the dental lab can create a realistic crown, your dentist will shape your tooth and place a temporary crown on it. This way, when the dental lab returns your custom crown, all your dentist has to do is remove the temporary cap and cement your permanent crown in place.

What’s the Tooth Bridge Procedure?

Getting a bridge is very similar to getting a crown. You’ll come in so your dentist can create a mold for the dental lab and shape the teeth that will have crowns on them. You will have a temporary bridge to wear until your next appointment, when your bridge is back from the dental lab. Your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and make sure your bridge fits well before cementing it into place. Your dentist will also explain how to clean your new bridge.

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