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Our goal is to preserve natural teeth. However, sometimes, an extraction is the best choice. Our dentists don’t suggest extractions unless they feel there is no way to save the tooth. If you hear an extraction is in your future, don’t worry. The process is extremely quick and your dentist will make sure it is as painless as possible.

What’s the Typical Tooth Extraction Cost?

Exactly how much it costs to have a tooth pulled varies. Factors we consider include the tooth’s condition and how easy or challenging it will be to extract. Your cost will also reflect whether our dentist can extract the tooth or if you will need to visit an oral surgeon. If you have dental insurance, your coverage will also affect your final extraction cost. If you call us to schedule an appointment, your dentist can tell you how much your extraction will cost after performing an examination.

What Is a Surgical Tooth Removal?

Dentists perform simple extractions by literally pulling out a tooth, but if the tooth is impacted and still in your jaw or the tooth is broken at the gum, we will refer you to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons make an incision in your gum to reach the tooth. The procedure isn’t painful as you will have local, and possibly IV, sedation.

When Do Dentists Recommend a Tooth Extraction?

Dentists recommend extractions when there is no way to save the tooth. If our dentists suggest an extraction, you can be certain a tooth extraction is the best course of action. Reasons dentists usually recommend extractions are below. In most cases, except for extractions for crowded teeth, your dentist will suggest a tooth replacement, typically a dental bridge or an implant.

Will a Dentist Pull My Severely Damaged Tooth?

Although our dentists prefer to repair teeth, sometimes teeth are not salvageable. If the break or decay has reached the pulp, your dentist will see if a root canal can save the tooth. But, if there won’t be enough tooth left to support a crown, your dentist will probably suggest a tooth extraction. If there is a severe infection, an extraction will prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth or other parts of your body.

When Will a Dentist Decide to Pull a Baby Tooth?

Pulling a baby tooth isn’t a decision our dentists take lightly. A baby tooth holds a spot for the adult tooth, aiding in tooth alignment. Still, there are times when having your child’s baby tooth pulled is advisable. Our dentists will suggest having a baby tooth pulled when the tooth is stubborn and won’t let the adult tooth emerge or when the tooth has a very large cavity that won’t hold a filling. Call our office if you need an appointment for your child with a dentist who makes young patients comfortable.

Will Advanced Gum Disease Lead to Tooth Extractions?

Advanced gum disease, or periodontal disease, has many serious consequences and loose teeth are one of them. If you have a loose adult tooth, call our office for an appointment. There are several methods that may save a loose tooth, but no matter what, treatment should begin right away. If your dentist decides an extraction is the best option, the extraction is usually quick and virtually painless.

How Do I Know If I Need Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

If your wisdom teeth start growing in and they don’t have the room they need, you’ll probably have pain as they push against your other teeth. They will make it difficult for you to clean your teeth in the back properly and cause dental problems. If your wisdom teeth are visible in your mouth, it’s likely our dentist can extract them for you. if we find that the teeth haven’t emerged from your gums, we will refer you to an oral surgeon to do the extractions. Call us for an appointment if your wisdom teeth are bothering you.

Will I Need an Extraction If My Teeth Are Crowded?

If you are getting braces to correct overcrowding, you may need one or more teeth extracted to give the remaining teeth room to move into position. If you need a dentist who can painlessly extract teeth, contact us to arrange an appointment.

What Is Post-Extraction Care Like?

Your dentist will make certain you are clear about the aftercare instructions before leaving our office. You’ll have a list of things you cannot do, which you should not do the first few days after your extraction. It is extremely important to follow these instructions to avoid dislodging the blood clot forming at the site.

How Long Does Healing Take After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

If you have a dental extraction, your tooth extraction healing will only take about a week if you are healthy. Rest and limit your activity the first 24 to 48 hours; this will help conserve energy for your body to use for healing.

For a safe, virtually painless tooth extraction in Columbia, contact us at (410) 346-2350 to set up and appointment.

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