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As a dental specialty, orthodontic dentistry is a focus on addressing issues that develop with the teeth and jaws.

Orthodontists are dentists who practice this field, and they’re qualified to assess, diagnose and treat abnormalities that cause crowding, gaps or other position-related problems with teeth. Since it’s very common for children and teens to have these problems, they treat a lot of young people. However, some adults need braces in The Village of Cross Keys too. Schedule an appointment with our orthodontist.

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Essential for You?

When people have overbites, underbites, crossbites and open bites, they usually have discomfort such as headaches and earaches. Trouble chewing, biting and speaking are also common. If they don’t get treatment, these issues can lead to gum disease and cavities.

As a type of orthodontic treatment, braces are devices that realign the teeth and jaw over time. They can also prevent gingivitis and cavities and improve your overall oral health, facial structure and smile.

Are There Different Orthodontic Treatments?

With numerous upgrades to orthodontic technology, modern dental professionals offer several types of braces. For example, even metal braces are much less noticeable than devices of the past, to the point that other people don’t notice when you have them. In addition to adults, children whose permanent teeth have all emerged can be fitted for these devices.

The main types that you’ll choose from are clear, invisible and ceramic. You can choose based on your budget and personal preferences. Ask our orthodontist in The Village of Cross Keys for a recommendation if you have trouble choosing between these options.

Children’s Orthodontic Devices

If your child experiences trouble speaking or discomfort while eating, don’t wait to contact our office to find out how we can help. It’s extremely common for orthodontists to fit children with braces to set them on the path for good adult oral health. Your kid shouldn’t feel like wearing them is a punishment, and we can work with him or her to allay any concerns.

It could be helpful for children to get treatment that isn’t too noticeable. While traditional metal devices cost the least and let kids choose colorful bands to express their creativity, they attract the most attention. Instead, you might consider the ceramic version, which is less noticeable. Although, it can be tough to keep clean.

Also less obvious is the self-ligating variety, which is more comfortable and faster at moving teeth into place too. Another option is lingual orthodontics that attach behind the teeth, so they can’t be seen from the outside. However, they’re less effective for severe issues.

Adult Orthodontic Devices

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones who need orthodontic services. Adults might also need them to correct issues with their jaws and teeth. They might get treatment to enhance their appearance too. Luckily, adult braces are available in all of the above options. Furthermore, removable aligners are an option that isn’t available for children. They’re almost invisible, don’t restrict your diet and require only normal oral hygiene.

With many materials and styles to choose from, there’s a solution that will meet your needs without breaking your budget. Talk about these options with us, and see if your insurance or discount dental plan will help you cover the orthodontics.

What Are the Costs of Orthodontic Services?

Determining how much that braces cost is a complex process because it’s based on several factors. The types of braces that you get is one of the main aspects. The reason is because newer varieties are usually made with refined materials, which increase the price over traditional varieties. The contribution from dental insurance and discount plans also impacts the overall out-of-pocket expense. Most of the time, such dental policies cover only certain orthodontic treatments.

Additional follow-up and adjustment visits at the orthodontist are another cost to consider. It’s important to make sure that the devices work as they should and have the tension adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, they won’t move teeth into the correct position. All of these factors together make the cost of orthodontic treatment seem high. However, it will prevent higher cost problems from developing. You might even qualify for one of our financing options. Call us when you’re ready for braces in The Village of Cross Keys.

Where Do You Get Orthodontic Treatment?

If you or your kids suffer from oral discomfort, trouble chewing or other symptoms, talk to a dentist about how orthodontic treatment could help. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Where is an orthodontist near me who’s affordable?”

Together, our office staff and orthodontist in The Village of Cross Keys strive to make you comfortable and treat you like a part of our family. As part of that mission, we use a compassionate touch when we treat children and teenagers. Call our office to arrange a consultation for braces now.

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