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In years past, we would think of tooth decay or plaque as death sentences to the teeth. But on the contrary, tooth decay and gingivitis are things that we can reverse if we take the appropriate measures. There are three main ways that you can reverse decay and gum disease. One way is to have good hygiene habits. Another way is by eating a healthy diet. And the third way is to reverse the number of harmful substances that touch the tooth enamel.

Use the “RFBR” Method

Healthy teeth begin with a conscious and proactive hygiene regimen. The letters “RFBR” can help you to remember what to do at least twice a day. The first thing you need to do is rinse your mouth out with water to loosen any particles that may be left in between the teeth from the foods you eat. The next thing to do is floss between each of the teeth to get rid of any additional food particles. Next, you’ll need to brush your teeth for two minutes to work all of the toothpaste into every nook and cranny: Setting a timer can be helpful for this. Lastly, top off your cleansing efforts with a mouthwash rinse.

Control Your Sweet Tooth

The best way to take care of your teeth is to eliminate sugar intake from your diet altogether. Sugar is one of the most caustic substances when it comes to tooth enamel, so you should avoid it if you’re trying to improve your dental health. However, if you can’t quite tame your sweet tooth, you can help yourself by brushing your teeth or at least rinsing your mouth after you eat something sugary.

Mind Your Phytate Intake

You may not have heard of phytate, but it’s something that you can find in foods like beans, seeds, and nuts. If you consume too much of it, it can bind to vitamins and minerals and prevent your body from using them.

Get Tested for Dietary Deficiencies

Another thing that can help your overall dental health and reverse decay and gum disease is checking out your mineral makeup. When you visit your doctor, you can inquire of them to check you body for deficiencies of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin C. All of those minerals and vitamins play a part in keeping your mouth strong and clean.

Replenish Vitamins and Minerals

Once you find out which minerals you may be lacking, you’ll need to think of a strategy to replenish them. You can replace these substances by buying supplements, or you can replenish them by making a few dietary changes for oral health. For example, you can eat green, leafy vegetables, dairy products, fish, and olives, and cut down on nutrient-poor options like fast food.

Do Oil Pulling Once a Day

Oil pulling is a practice that many people have sworn is successful. The concept is that the oil gets into the tiny spaces between and and within the teeth and pulls out all of the harmful germs, leaving you with a healthy mouth. Coconut oil is the most widely used tool for this process. The instructions for oil pulling are straightforward: Put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and let it melt, then swish it around and between your teeth for about 20 minutes. As you pull it through the crevices, it sucks up bacteria from your mouth. When you’re done pulling oil, spit it into a garbage can: Don’t spit it down the sink, or it might clog your pipes. Repeat this process once every morning and then examine your tooth surfaces to see if their condition has improved.

Stay Hydrated

Finally, make sure to stay hydrated, and avoid salt unless you’re gargling with it. Drink the recommended amount of water every day, which is 64 ounces, about eight cups. Staying hydrated will help your body keep its defenses up against decay and cavities.

While all of these tips can help you keep your mouth healthier, proper dental care is also important. Make sure to keep notes of any tooth pain or other problems that you may be having, and then let your dentist know of these changes in your condition. Make sure to visit your dentist the recommended number of times per year for checkups to be sure that your tooth condition is always as healthy as possible.

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