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There’s nothing better than your natural teeth. That’s why it’s so important to brush and floss regularly and to visit your dentist for periodic checkups and cleanings. When you don’t practice good hygiene, you could develop a cavity, infection or disease. Saving a tooth is always the best solution, and our root canal expert in Abingdon can help.

Endodontics: What Is It?

Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry that revolves around studying and treating the pulp in teeth. The pulp is the soft tissue inside that contains a system of large nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp becomes injured or diseased, endodontic therapy can preserve part or all of it. An endodontist can even use it to save tissue that has been damaged beyond repair. It can be performed to prevent symptoms from past injuries or diseases and to promote repair and healing also.

The main reason for infected pulp is bacterial contamination in tooth root canals. In order to treat this contamination, the tissue that’s damaged or infected is removed. This involves a nonsurgical procedure called a root canal. Then, the canals are cleaned, disinfected and reshaped. Finally, the tooth is filled with a resin to promote healing and prevent further infection. If the procedure is unsuccessful or the teeth develop new problems, a root canal specialist in Abingdon will perform retreatment or other procedures.

How Do Endodontists and Dentists Differ?

After completing dental school, dentists have the chance to focus on a range of specialties just like doctors in other medical fields. Endodontics is one of these specialties, and it requires that they complete an extra two or three years of education. In order to practice the specialty, they must pass the exam for the American Board of Endodontics.

While general dentists can perform root canals, they don’t have the same expertise developed through extra training. Because of that, most regular dentists only do endodontic treatments a couple times a week. An endodontist in Abingdon, on the other hand, might perform an average of 25 treatments.

Another difference is that endodontists use equipment and materials that not all general dentists do. Digital radiographs and 3-D imaging, for instance, help them diagnose pulp damage and plan treatment. When they perform procedures, they use small latex sheets to confine the teeth that are infected or diseased. These dams protect the other teeth too. Also, they use microscopes to avoid taking out more pulp than necessary.

Moreover, endodontists have advanced skills in pain management during procedures. While your general dentist might find it hard to keep your gums numb, endodontists are experts in this department. They also ensure that you get long-term pain relief. Reach out to our Dental One Associates of Bel Air for more details.

Which Procedures Do Endodontists Perform?

As we aim to be the best endodontist in Abingdon, we’ll see you again to ensure that your root canal was successful. If your situation is complex, you might need retreatment to save your tooth.

If you need retreatment, we’ll have to remove the resin filling that we originally inserted to get a better look inside of your tooth. If you have a new infection or hidden canals, we’ll remove the affected pulp and then clean and disinfect the tooth. You’ll get a temporary filling until the tooth heals, and then we’ll insert a crown.

If your case is particularly hard to treat, our endodontist may use endodontic surgery to find small fractures and hidden canals. This procedure is also useful for removing calcium deposits or treating damaged tooth bone and roots.

Although endodontists are known for saving teeth, it’s not always possible. In such cases, the teeth will need to be pulled. Our team can put a dental implant in place to fill in the gap so that you maintain a healthy smile. Learn more from our staff.

Seeing a Specialist: What Should I Expect?

Our priority is to be transparent about your treatment so that the process is comfortable and smooth for you. During your initial appointment for endodontics in Abingdon, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork with information such as the dentist who referred you to us and your contact details.

It’s helpful for you to have current X-rays with your referral, but we can get new images if you don’t have them. After our staff has diagnosed the issue, we’ll inform you about the situation and provide the best treatment recommendations. We also take time to answer all of your questions. If it’s possible, we may treat your tooth the same day. Alternatively, we’ll schedule a separate appointment.

Call Dental One Associates of Bel Air Now to Arrange an Endodontic Consultation

Getting treatment as soon as discomfort or pain develops in or near a tooth is important. Waiting could allow the issue to get worse. Contact (410) 698-1674 so that our endodontist in Abingdon can save your smile.

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