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Being afraid of dental procedures is very common. As a matter of fact, dental anxiety causes many people to avoid dental visits for cleanings and regular checkups. However, you don’t have to suffer from these anxious feelings. With sedation dentistry, our practice can keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout treatment.

What Is Sedation in Dentistry?

Also referred to as sleep dentistry, this specialty involves the use of drugs or medications to maintain relaxation and calmness in patients before and during dental treatments and checkups. The sedative drugs act on the central nervous system to hinder conscious awareness.

Most dentists have the training that laws require to perform low-level sedation for dental treatment. Deeper levels of sedation, however, require extra training and special supplies and equipment. Sometimes, dentists hire anesthesiologists to perform the more complex levels of sedation. In other cases, they may contract physicians or other dentists to sedate their patients. Contact our practice to find out more about how we handle sedation.

Why Do Dentists Sedate Patients?

One reason why dentists sedate patients is to help them stay calm when they’re afraid of what will happen during treatment. Other uses for sedation dentistry include helping patients with the following characteristics or issues:

  • Restlessness during treatment
  • Large amounts of dental work required
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Don’t tolerate pain well
  • Inability to control gagging

In particular, sedation is helpful for kids with significant fears of the dentist or who don’t cooperate during visits. Furthermore, sedation for dental treatment can prevent patients from suffering trauma while they get treatment.

How Do Dentists Perform Sedation?

There are varying levels of sedation dentistry in Abingdon: minimal, moderate, deep and unconscious. Minimal sedation is the lightest form, and dentists typically use nitrous oxide to achieve it. The laughing gas, which is combined with oxygen, relaxes you but doesn’t put you to sleep. It’s administered through a mask.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With moderate or conscious sedation for dental procedures, you become relaxed even more and may not remember the treatment happening even though you’re still awake. Typically, oral sedation dentistry is used and involves swallowing pills or liquid medications. Sometimes, though, nitrous oxide and oral drugs may be used to achieve moderate sedation.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Deep sedation is a state of sleep with slight consciousness that allows the dental staff to wake you. The most common method is IV sedation dentistry, which is administered via your veins. Because of this method, the sedation can be modified during treatment.

To achieve an unconscious state, sleep dentistry involves using general anesthesia. Others will find it difficult to wake you from this level of sedation. Instead, the anesthesia effects either have to wear off or be reversed with a different medication.

How Long Are Patients Sedated?

Basically, sedation dentistry lasts for varying amounts of time depending on the level of sedation. Preparing for it might involve fasting for eight to 12 hours beforehand. For oral sedation dentistry, you might take pills beforehand too.

Typically, sleep dentistry doesn’t begin until you arrive at our office for the appointment. After the medication is administered, you might wait up to an hour for it to take effect. However, IV sedation dentistry takes effect the quickest.

The medication can take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours to wear off depending on what it is. Generally, nitrous oxide wears off hours before general anesthesia. Find out how long your sedation by contacting our office today.

Sedation Benefits: What Are They?

When you get sedation dentistry in Abingdon, you experience several benefits. In fact, the relaxation that sedation provides is one of the best ones. This state of relaxation keeps your gag reflex from being triggered during the procedure. It also keeps dental anxiety from preventing you from getting the treatment that you need. Another good thing is that it can trigger amnesia for the duration of your procedure, which prevents you from being traumatized.

The pain relief that sleep dentistry produces during dental treatment is another big benefit because it makes you comfortable. Since you go into an unconscious sleep with IV sedation dentistry, you don’t move around. As a result, the dentist can work quicker and more efficiently.

What’s the Cost of Sedation?

Several factors affect your sedation dentistry cost, including the type of sedation that you need, the drugs used and the duration. Another factor that will affect how much that you pay for sedation dentistry is the treatment that you undergo. Usually, though, minimal sedation is the cheapest type, while general anesthesia is the most expensive.

Is Sedation Covered by Insurance Typically?

Your sedation dentistry insurance plan could pay for some of the expense. However, most plans label sedation as an elective service when the treatment doesn’t require it. Because of that, it’s important to ask your insurer whether or not your sedation is covered. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help with checking your sedation dentistry cost benefits.

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