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A painful dental emergency leaves you wondering, “Where will I find emergency dental care near me?” You can’t predict when a toothache will strike, but you can know where to get great emergency dental care when you need it.

Where to Find Your Local Emergency Dentists

Our emergency dentists in Abingdon provide comprehensive, emergency dental care throughout our regular business hours, so when your filling falls out at work, we are available to help. When your symptoms become noticeable, call our emergency dental office to make an appointment. We’ll try to see you within in the same day whenever possible. Our goals are to provide the right diagnosis, treat the pain and other symptoms, and make sure that you receive the right treatment to prevent a future recurrence.

We always try to provide dental emergencies with same-day treatment or care within 24 hours.

Defining Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental services bring relief when sudden and unexpected dental problems appear. Urgent dental care is also important for preventing minor tooth and gum problems from becoming major ones. The following are just a few of the services our dentists provide during office hours:

  • Management of toothaches and other types of oral pain caused by dental disease and injury
  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • Repairs for chips, cracks, and other types of minor and major tooth damage
  • Treatment for pain and swelling caused by impacted molars
  • Restoration of missing crowns and fillings
  • Antibiotic treatment for dental infections
  • Treatment of pain and oral injury related to broken orthodontic wires and brackets

When Should I Get Emergency Dental Treatment?

I don’t know if my symptoms should be treated as an emergency. How do I know when to look for emergency dental care near me?

Emergency dental care is needed whenever pain or other symptoms are affecting your ability to enjoy life and perform your everyday activities. If you want emergency care, you probably need it. Here are a few of the conditions and symptoms that our office treats on an emergency basis.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Broken and fractured teeth deserve your immediate attention. You can help prevent infection and further damage by seeking emergency care as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Our emergency dentists have experience with knocked-out teeth. If you request care immediately after the incident occurs, we may be able to save your tooth. Be sure to handle your tooth only by the crown and rinse any broken parts with lukewarm water. If you are unable to fit the tooth back into its original position, store it inside your mouth to keep it moist, and call our office for further instruction immediately.

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

Severe toothache pain may occur along with feelings of pressure in your gums, fever, ear pain, and other symptoms. Call us when your toothache becomes obvious so that we can provide pain relief and a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Tooth Sensitivity

Although you may not need urgent dental care for sensitivity to temperature or sweet foods, extreme sensitivity that occurs suddenly can be a clue that suggests an underlying problem like an infection or a damaged tooth. Contact our office to schedule an appointment if your tooth sensitivity develops abruptly or seems unusual.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Dental decay that leads to cavities occurs over time. After the deterioration exposes underlying pulp and nerves, you’ll notice pain and sensitivity. Our emergency dentists can examine your cavities to determine what treatments are needed to provide long-term pain relief and structural stability.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is caused by a bacterial infection at the tooth root. Symptoms of an abscess include unrelenting tooth pain, severe facial and jaw swelling, fever, pus-filled sores on gum tissue, and swollen glands in your neck. If you don’t receive prompt treatment for an abscess, serious complications may occur. Call our emergency dental office at once if you think that your tooth is abscessed.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Lost or loose fillings don’t just affect your ability to chew properly, they leave your treated teeth unprotected and vulnerable to more serious damage. Call us to schedule treatment as soon as your filling loosens or falls out.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

Like damaged fillings, broken or lost crowns leave your teeth unprotected and at risk for decay and structural damage. See our emergency dentists to obtain either temporary or permanent replacement crowns and restorations.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

When the metal brackets and wires that make up orthodontic devices break or malfunction, pain and injury may follow. We can treat your oral irritation and injuries related to your orthodontic devices and stabilize them to prevent further problems.

Teeth Grinding and Enamel Damage

Many people grind their teeth at night. Over time, this wears away your protective tooth enamel. Our dentists can evaluate the condition of your enamel and determine if strengthening treatment is needed. They can also provide dental appliances that help minimize the damage caused by your grinding habits.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure isn’t always caused by a sinus headache or infection; impacted teeth and hidden dental infections can also produce the symptom. If your sinuses feel like they’re going to explode, let us take a look. We can determine if there’s an underlying dental condition causing the problem.

How to Handle a Serious Problem

I may have a broken jaw or a concussion caused by a fall. Should I contact an emergency dental office near me or visit the hospital emergency room instead?

When your symptoms are serious and could negatively affect your general health, emergency dentists in Abingdon aren’t the appropriate option. If you experience severe bleeding, severe swelling or impact injuries to your head, jaw, face, or neck, have someone drive you to a hospital emergency room or call 911 for immediate medical help.

It’s Saturday, but my tooth is killing me. Should I wait until business hours resume to call the emergency dental office near me?

If you have minor symptoms, waiting a day or so to see our emergency dentists may be safe. However, if you’re having severe symptoms or unbearable pain, it’s better to protect your dental health by visiting the nearest emergency room. When your dental disaster occurs during office hours, our emergency dentists in Abingdon are here to provide the comprehensive care that you need so you can get back to your daily routine.

How Much Can Dental Emergency Visits Cost?

Everyone has different needs, so it’s impossible to predict the cost of any person’s emergency dental care without diagnosis and treatment information. However, our emergency dentists can provide more information after your exam. We offer financing options for patients who cannot pay their charges all at once. Our providers accept most major dental plans and major credit cards, and we can also help you apply for our DentRite® discount plan. DentRite® is not an insurance plan, but it does provide great savings on various types of dental care, including emergency treatment. Acceptance is universal, and your membership covers your immediate family members.

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