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Porcelain laminate veneers are an effective way to give your smile more confidence. Providing a natural-looking gleam to teeth that are chipped, stained, worn or unevenly spaced, veneers are ideal for teeth that are healthy but need small fixes. Best of all, they are durable and provide an instant makeover for your smile. Our experienced dentists are here to help you find the cosmetic solutions that can make your teeth gleam. Contact us to schedule an evaluation so we can determine if porcelain veneers in Baltimore are right for your smile.

Can Porcelain Veneers Work for Me?

When you’re considering veneers, porcelain is an ideal material. It mimics tooth enamel, reflecting light the way enamel does and possessing a life-like texture. The veneer is composed of a whisper-thin layer of this dental porcelain. Once cemented into place on the front of the tooth, the veneer works and feels like your natural tooth. These veneers are also incredibly versatile, helping to address your individual aesthetic tooth issues, such as:

Shape and size: Whether you have a chipped tooth, front teeth that are too big or a tooth that has a jagged edge, veneers allow you to completely change the shape and size of your tooth. Since the veneer is essentially a shell that fits on the surface of your tooth, it can conceal chips in your teeth, worn edges and dozens of other imperfections. Even if you have teeth of varying sizes, you can adjust the appearance of each tooth so that they all seem to blend together in a natural-looking and uniform smile.

Tooth color: Your dreams of a brilliant white smile can be realized when you choose porcelain veneers. While teeth naturally become a bit dingier as we age, the things we consume like tobacco, coffee and tea can worsen the discoloration of our teeth. Veneers provide an immediate solution, especially if you’ve tried multiple whitening treatments to no avail. Best of all, since veneers porcelain comes in many brightness and whiteness shades, you can choose the shade that most naturally brightens your smile.

Alignment and spacing: If you’re out of your teenage years, you may not feel comfortable turning to braces to fix your slight alignment issues. Luckily, veneers can work as an instant alternative to braces, concealing the small gaps in your teeth and adjusting crooked teeth.

What Will My Porcelain Veneers Cost?

We’ll provide you with a cost estimate after your dental exam at our office. The number of teeth you’re having treated and the type of veneers you choose will influence your overall porcelain veneers cost, as will several other factors. Dental insurance plans often do not cover the cost of veneers, but we welcome your questions about money-saving options.

Should You Choose Veneers or Crowns?

Veneers provide a permanent restoration of your tooth, just as a crown is a permanent option for restoring your tooth. They have other similarities, too, including their material, their ability to improve a tooth’s shape and color and their painless application procedures.

Porcelain dental veneers are applied to the front of the tooth only, while porcelain dental crowns are like a cap covering the entire tooth. More of the natural tooth is lost when you get a crown, but the crown actually makes a weakened tooth stronger. This structural support provided by a crown makes it the preferred choice for teeth that have been damaged by teeth-grinding, decay, disease or trauma. Porcelain crowns are also recommended when back teeth need restoration because crowns provide the strength molars need to weather the extreme biting force of the back jaw.

After a thorough evaluation, your dentist can discuss whether your best option is porcelain veneers in Baltimore or crowns.

How Will My Dentist Prepare My Teeth?

If you and your dentist decide that veneers are a good fit for you, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth. The lab uses this mold to ensure that the veneer is custom-fit to your tooth.

When the lab has made your veneer, you’ll return to our office so our dentist can adhere it to your tooth and make final adjustments. The porcelain veneers procedure is painless and fairly fast. Your dentist will probably begin by removing a small portion of your tooth’s enamel. The veneer is then securely bonded onto your tooth, and your dentist polishes the edges to make sure that your tooth blends with the rest of your teeth.

What’s the Average Lifespan of Veneers?

Incredibly durable, veneers should keep your smile beautiful for 10 to 15 years, if not decades. You can ensure your veneers’ longevity by brushing and flossing daily, visiting your dentist regularly and avoiding using your porcelain teeth to open bottles and bags or chewing on pens and pencils.

What Are the Advantages of Lumineers®?

Lumineers® are well-known for their extremely thin veneers that can last for 20 years or more. These highly translucent veneers are so thin that their installation requires little to no reduction in your tooth enamel. Your dentist may have some additional pros and cons to consider when choosing a brand of veneers, so talk to your dentist about your options.

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