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woman with toothache

Emergency Dentist in Baltimore

woman with toothache

Even the most minor of emergencies can leave you stressed and anxious, especially if you don’t know whom to call. When you have a dental emergency, it only exacerbates the matter because you or your child are probably in considerable pain. Planning ahead can help matters, so make a list of your emergency dentist, the local emergency room, and any other emergency numbers you’ll need so that they’re on hand when you need them.

If you have a dental emergency during regular business hours, call our Baltimore dental office, and we’ll see you as soon as possible. Rather than endure the pain – which can be agonizing – call our office for a solution. Since pain indicates that you have a problem, the sooner you address it, the easier it will be to fix, and the better the outcome will be.

How Do I Know If I Need an Emergency Dentist in Baltimore?

 Many people are unaware of what constitutes an emergency, so they’re reluctant to call an emergency service. If you have an issue that can cause long-term health concerns, then you have an problem. If you have an issue that causes severe pain, then you have an emergency and should be seen as quickly as possible. Call our Baltimore office for an immediate appointment or, if it’s after hours, go to your local emergency room.

The six most common dental emergencies we see are:

  1. Abscessed teeth
    Abscessed teeth don’t start as emergencies. They become emergencies because they’re not addressed when they’re cavities or infected teeth. However, abscessed teeth can be life-threatening and shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re in pain from an abscessed tooth, then call our Baltimore emergency room for an appointment. If it’s after hours, then go to the nearest emergency room for treatment, but don’t ignore an abscessed tooth.
  2. Broken tooth
    Teeth sometimes break for several reasons, but no matter the cause, you have a broken tooth that’s probably causing you pain. First, cover your broken tooth with dental wax, so it doesn’t damage the interior of your mouth, then call our Baltimore dental office for an appointment. The repair will depend on several factors, including the location of the tooth and how much was broken, but you need immediate treatment.
  3. Knocked-out tooth
    We see knocked-out teeth frequently with younger people, but adults sometimes have teeth knocked out also. If you have a knocked-out tooth, rinse it well, replace it in the socket, and call our Baltimore office for an appointment. Often, when the tooth is repaired promptly, it can be restored, and you won’t need an artificial replacement.
  4. Lost or loose crown or filling
    If you have lost a crown or filling, you need to see a dentist immediately, but it can usually wait until regular business hours. Call us to make sure, but don’t procrastinate because the root will be exposed, which will subject the inside of your tooth to bacteria and decay and cause you to lose the tooth. If it’s outside of regular hours, then go to the emergency room.
  5. Orthodontic device causing pain
    You shouldn’t experience pain from an orthodontic appliance that fits well. If you have an orthodontic appliance, especially if it’s braces, and it’s causing you pain, then call our Baltimore office for an appointment. If it’s a sudden occurrence, go to your local emergency room. Your braces won’t work well if they’re not correctly attached, so don’t ignore this.
  6. Severe toothache or pressure
    If you have sudden, severe pressure in your head or teeth, or a sudden, severe toothache, go to the emergency room without delay. Many types of issues can cause sudden, severe head pain, and none of them are good, so don’t delay seeking treatment.

 If you’re not sure whether you have an emergency, it’s better to act on the side of caution than try to wait it out. Although most dental issues aren’t life-threatening, some can be, so address them without delay.

What Do You Consider a Dental Emergency?

If a dental issue can cause a long-term health problem, then it’s an emergency. Long-term problems include decay, cavities, or an infection, especially an abscess. Your physical health is interlinked to your oral health, so it’s vital that you maintain good oral health.

If your braces have malfunctioned, call your dentist or orthodontist without delay. Braces won’t be able to do their job if they’re improperly installed or have lost some of their components, so don’t ignore the pain or discomfort that’s caused by your braces.

If I’m in Severe Pain, Should I See an Emergency Dentist?

 Pain always indicates a problem. Ignoring the problem won’t solve it. It will just keep you in pain. If you have dental pain, call your Baltimore emergency dentist for an appointment.

Where Can I Locate an Emergency Dentist in Baltimore?

 If you need an emergency dentist in Baltimore, we can help you. Call us with your dental concern, and if it’s an emergency, we’ll get you in as soon as possible. We’ll also let you know the details and ramifications of it so that you don’t stress if we can’t see you until the next day.

Is Going to the ER Better Than Going to an Emergency Dentist?

 Some issues require the services of an emergency room rather than those of an emergency dentist. They are:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe swelling
  • Sudden injury, especially to the face, head, jaw, or teeth

Any or all of these can be caused by factors other than dental issues, so if you’re experiencing any of them, especially if you’re also having chills, fever, or difficulty with swallowing or breathing, you should go to your local emergency room without delay. It’s possible that you may still need dental treatment, but your local ER should be your first stop.

Call Us Today If You Need Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a dental emergency during regular business hours, then call Dental One Associates of Maryland at , and we can help you. Many times, dental emergencies can be prevented through proactive measures such as good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments.

Even if you have excellent oral hygiene, your dentist may spot issues that you’ve missed, so regular dental exams are essential to minimizing dental emergencies. Regular dental visits will also provide you with better physical health since many severe diseases have been linked to poor oral health.

If you need emergency dental treatment or want to schedule an appointment, call our Baltimore office. We also recommend you schedule an oral cancer screening with your appointment.

Call us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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