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A Guide to Dental Care for Kids!

It is time to go to the dentist! This might be your first time to the dentist or your tenth time, but everyone should go twice a year. Brushing your teeth keeps the cavities away, but sometimes bacteria still makes its way into a tooth. Cavities can cause a lot of damage to your teeth as the bacteria spreads. The only way to stop a cavity from growing is a quick trip to the dentist. If you eat healthy food, brush your teeth daily, and visit the dentist often, you can have a healthy smile for many, many years.

First Trip to the Dentist

Going to the dentist can be scary the very first time. Most kids and even adults get a little nervous before climbing into the big chair. Even though there are plenty of buttons, tools, lights, gloves, and funny-looking machines, the dentist isn’t scary at all. It can even be fun! When you get to the office, you will be asked to wait until the dentist is ready to see you. There are usually some interesting magazines and books to look at while you wait. Soon it will be your turn. An assistant will guide you to your cool chair and put a little bib around you. Everyone wears them to prevent any dust or water from getting on their shirts. The dentist will then lean your chair back with some fun buttons that control your chair. Your feet might even end up higher than your head! The dentist will ask you to open your mouth. He might look a little scary with a mask and gloves on, but he just wears them to prevent germs from getting on you. Next he will take out two tools; a mirror and a poky stick will help him see every tooth and explore areas where a cavity might be hiding. If you have any sensitive spots or cavities, he will gently tap the area with his tool and ask if it hurts. If it does, he might take x-rays to see the insides of your teeth. He might gently scrape areas and squirt water in your mouth. You don’t even have to spit because this neat tube will suction it right out. Once the dentist has finished his exam he will have you come back soon if you have cavities. If you don’t have any cavities, you get to come back in six months for another check-up. When you leave, you will get to choose a new colorful toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

Taking Care of Your Pearly Whites

There is a reason you brush your teeth morning and night, and it’s not to make them look shiny. Although a white smile is an added bonus, brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day keeps them healthy and strong. Bacteria latches onto your teeth during the night and after you eat, so brushing them morning and night is going to help you fight them off. Take two minutes and brush every tooth on the sides and tops. Then grab the floss and using two hands tug is gently between each tooth. Bacteria loves to hide between teeth, and flossing will prevent it from growing. Brushing isn’t all you need to do either. Teeth are bones, and strong bones come from eating good healthy food. Eat your green vegetables and drink lots of milk to help your teeth stay strong enough to fight away bacteria.

The Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

Everyone likes sugar! It smells good and tastes delicious. Unfortunately, bacteria inside your mouth enjoy sugar just as much as you do. You might have heard mom or dad say, “No sugar before bed or you won’t fall asleep!” This is because sugar gives small bursts of energy and can make it hard to fall asleep. It does the same thing to bacteria. In your mouth there are all types of bacteria, and they latch onto your teeth. When you eat sugar the bacteria gets crazy-energized and begins growing rapidly. If you aren’t brushing your teeth frequently, the bacteria can quickly cause damage to your teeth and cavities can form. You can prevent bacteria from growing and spreading quickly by eating and drinking less sugar.

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